Project: "Recent Opioid Use Impedes Range Adaptation in Reinforcement Learning in Human Addiction"

The ICN is immensely proud to present the (soon to be published) work of its members Dr. Maelle Gueguen, Dr. Hernán Anlló, Professor Stefano Palminteri and Professor Anna Konova, at not one but two conferences: RLDM and CPDD!!

Here they evaluate the decision mechanisms behind relapse rates in OUD. Could this value-ecoding based explanation help solve the riddle? We certainly think so!! This is the first joint project from the ICN, and we couldn't be happier.


The LDE (U Peking) joins the ICN!

We are most happy to now count Dr. Jian Li and the Learning & Decision Making lab (University of Peking) as a brand new member of the ICN! Looking forward to great work together!


Talk in Society for Neuroeconomics 2021 symposium (SNE2021)

Dr. Maelle Guegen (PhD) gave a talk on her project "Sensitivity to contextual effects during reinforcement learning in human addiction" at the Society for Neuroeconomics meeting 2021.


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